Featured: Dystopian Fiction. Guest Article by Jack Croxall

  Dystopian Books: The Wind on Fire Trilogy   When lovely Liz asked me to write an article on my favourite dystopian story, one series sprang instantly to mind: the Wind on Fire trilogy by William Nicholson. Starting with The Wind Singer, Nicholson’s trilogy begins in Aramanth; a meritocratic dystopia…. Continue reading

Featured: Post Apocalyptic Fiction. Guest article by Sam Kates.

  So the first in a series of articles running on that genre of book known as Post Apocalyptic Fiction comes from Sam Kates, author of “The Cleansing”. Look out for other articles from a variety of lovely authors and readers coming over the next little while. We will also… Continue reading

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules. Competition and Author Interview.

I was recently lucky enough to read this hilarious and heartwarming tale about the vagaries of getting older and being expected to behave just so – and about Martha who refuses to conform. And in exciting news Pan will be publishing the sequels – I can’t wait to find out… Continue reading

Liz Nugent is Unravelling Oliver. Happy Publication Day.

I was lucky enough to read this brilliant debut novel early, and also lucky enough to persuade Liz Nugent to answer some questions for me about the book – here is what she had to tell me.   Tell us a little about how idea for the story started coming… Continue reading

Lucy Lawrie and Tiny Acts of Love.

I recently read Lucy Lawrie’s debut novel “Tiny Acts of Love” and it headed straight into my “will read over and over again” chart, a wonderfully witty and insightful novel about new Parenthood which will capture your heart whether or not you have ever been a first time Mum or… Continue reading

Traitors Blade by Sebastian De Castell – A Great Adventure.

I recently read “Traitors Blade” and it really was a most terrific adventure! In a while you can see my review and how you can get 30% off your very own copy! First though I caught up with author Sebastien De Castell and asked him a few questions about the… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves…The Ties that Bind by Erin Kelly.

  Release date UK: 8th May 2014 Thank you kindly to Hodder and all involved for the advance reading copy. Could a soul, once sold, truly be redeemed? Luke is a true crime writer in search of a story. When he flees to Brighton after an explosive break-up, the perfect… Continue reading