Liz Currently Loves….The Wasteland Saga by Nick Cole.

Thank you to Kate at Harper Collins for randomly sending me this terrific book. Forty years after a devastating thermonuclear Armageddon, mankind has been reduced to salvaging the ruins of a broken world. In a style that’s part Hemingway and part Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, The Wasteland Saga chronicles the… Continue reading

The Half Life of Hannah/Other Halves by Nick Alexander.

I recently downloaded The Half Life of Hannah onto my wonderful Kindle and then was lucky enough to receive Other Halves as a review copy so I spent some of my recent holiday reading them back to back – if you have not yet read either of these novels I… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves….Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh

  Coming January 14th From Crown Publishing Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via Netgalley. Spademan used to be a garbage man. That was before the dirty bomb hit Times Square, before his wife was killed, and before the city became a bombed-out shell of… Continue reading

Great Christmas Book Gifts 2. The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly

It is the sweltering summer of 1997, and Karen is a straight-laced, straight-A university student. When she meets the impossibly glamorous Biba, a bohemian orphan who lives in a crumbling old mansion in Highgate with her enigmatic brother Rex, she is soon drawn into their world — but something terrible… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves…The Emperor’s Blades by Brian Staveley.

Coming January from Macmillan – Tor Forge. Thank you to the author and publisher for the advance copy via netgalley. When the emperor of Annur is murdered, his children must fight to uncover the conspiracy—and the ancient enemy—that effected his death. Now I don’t usually do fantasy novels/sci fi novels… Continue reading