20 Questions For…James Hazel. False Prophet Blog Tour.

Tell us a bit about your latest novel and why we should read it rather than the 6500 others on our book piles.

In False Prophet, Charlie Priest is pitted against a prolific serial killer after discovering an ancient scripture containing a secret so deadly that its custodians are prepared to die for it whilst simultaneously trying to save the world from a fate worse than Judgment Day.
You should read it because:

It is the best novel that anyone has ever written in the history of crime fiction

I lost a piece of my soul while writing it

The serial killer’s motive is the most deranged ever invented

How much, realistically, are you prepared to pay for a gin and tonic.

As long as I get change from a tenner I’m happy, provided that the change is no less than £5.50.

What inspired you to give Charlie Priest the particular quirk that he has.

I have a very good friend who has battled with DPD for many years and whose friendship and counsel I value greatly. It is a horrifying and fascinating condition that makes it’s sufferers question their very existence and WE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT IT ENOUGH!

What in your opinion is the greatest horror movie ever made and why.

Evil Dead 2, although Die You Zombie Bastards is also a particular favourite. The why will become obvious to anyone who watches it but Bruce Campbell is the main reason.

Do you like Banana’s.

No, they are the least trustworthy of all the fruits.

Tea, coffee or mostly booze.

That would be lovely, thank you, but can we skip the tea and coffee?

How many crime writers does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

One to screw it in and ten to applaud enthusiastically while secretly harbouring great resentment at the first’s success

Who will you call to help dispose of the body

That’s easy. My mum.

Who will BE the body

Given the amount of gin I drink, probably myself.

Netflix binge watch of choice.

The Sinner, Nightflyers, The Mighty Boosh

If you could only take 3 books to a desert island what would they be.

My Complete Lovecraft Collection, House of Leaves, Weaveworld

What’s next for Charlie Priest.

The ending to False Prophet (no spoilers here) presents an obvious and significant challenge for Priest and that will allow me to explore a lot more of the dark family history. Not all is what it seems and there are some disturbing twists in the wings!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what food would be on that plate.

Super Noodles

What is the most irritating thing about you (ask your wife. The answer will be more realistic)

Apparently, it is my propensity to argue constantly (left over from my lawyer days)

Do you agree with her or do you want to argue the toss.

No, I will argue the toss.

The book you wish you had written

It – the best horror story ever written

The book you are glad you did not.

It – Jeez, there’s like half a million words there. I usually lose concentration after a few pages.

Are you having fun yet.

Do you mean in general, or at this point in the Q&A?

Don’t worry it’s nearly over now. Name the one thing that irrationally irritates YOU. Note: it’s probably sensible not to mention family here..

The Secondary Schools’ English curriculum choice of books. We will not get kids to read by presenting them with four hundred pages of description of picturesque Cornish valleys.

Traditional last question- How much do you hate me right now.

Less than 18%, which actually makes you one of my favourite people.

Why thank you James!

Read my review of False Prophet here.

You can purchase False Prophet (Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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