Latest Reads: The Price You Pay Aidan Truhen

Publication Date: Available Now from Serpents Tail Source: Review Copy Didi’s dead. That’s sad. Jack Price isn’t sad, because Jack Price doesn’t care about Didi. Jack Price is just angry, because if anyone was going to brutally murder his cranky old neighbour, it was Jack Price. The thing you’ve got… Continue reading

The Louisiana Republic Maxim Jakubowski Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: May 10th from Caffeine Nights Source: Review Copy New York, and the world, have been transformed by an unexplained global catastrophe now known as ‘the Dark. Once a modest researcher, has now become an involuntary detective. He is recruited by her elder sister to find the missing daughter… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Ultima L S Hilton

Publication Date: Available Now from Bonnier Zaffre Source: Review Copy If you can’t beat them – kill them First there was Maestra. Then there was Domina. Now – there is Ultima. Glamorous international art-dealer Elizabeth Teerlinc knows a thing or two about fakes. After all, she is one herself. Her… Continue reading

A Fractured Winter Alison Baillie Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: May 2018 from Williams and Whiting Source: Review Copy A missing girl. Threatening notes. Sinister strangers. Olivia’s idyllic family life in a Swiss mountain village is falling apart.  She thought she’d managed to escape the past, but it’s coming back to haunt her. Has somebody discovered her secret… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Three Little Lies Laura Marshall

Publication Date: June 28th from Sphere Source: Netgalley Someone told a lie. Someone knows the truth. Someone is watching you. ***** When Sasha North comes into Ellen’s life, Ellen falls under her spell. As Ellen is welcomed into Sasha’s family, she doesn’t see the darkness that lies beneath their bohemian… Continue reading

Star Of The North D. B. John Blog Tour Review

Publication Date: 3rd May from Vintage Source: Review Copy North Korea and the USA are on the brink of war  A young American woman disappears without trace from a South Korean island. The CIA recruits her twin sister to uncover the truth. Now, she must go undercover in the world’s… Continue reading

The Lies We Told Camilla Way. Blog Tour Review.

3r Publication Date: 3rd May from Harper Collins Source: Review Copy A DAUGHTER Beth has always known there was something strange about her daughter, Hannah. The lack of emotion, the disturbing behaviour, the apparent delight in hurting others… sometimes Beth is scared of her, and what she could be capable… Continue reading