Latest Reads: A Minute To Midnight David Baldacci.

‘My sister was abducted from here nearly thirty years ago. The person who took her was never found. And neither was she. Her abductor nearly killed me. So I’m back here now trying to find the truth.’ Atlee Pine has spent most of her life trying to find out what… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Mothers Sarah J Naughton.

Five Women. They meet at their NCT Group. The only thing they have in common is they’re all pregnant. Five Secrets. Three years later, they are all good friends. Aren’t they? One Missing Husband. Now the police have come knocking. Someone knows something. And the trouble with secrets is that… Continue reading

Psychological Dean Burnett. Blog tour Guest Post.

About the book: Countless charities and awareness campaigns work tirelessly to show people that mental health problems are common and serious issues. But when it comes to mental health matters, one question that’s rarely asked is…why?    Why are conditions like depression and anxiety so common?    Why is our mental health… Continue reading

This Little Dark Place A S Hatch. Blog tour extract.

Really happy to offer you an extract from the brilliant “This Little Dark Place” today – a tense and unnerving psychological drama which I will be reviewing very soon. Don’t miss out! About the Book How well do you know your girlfriend? How well do you know your lover? How… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The House On The Lake Nuala Ellwood.

No matter how far you run . . . He’s never far behind Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend’s rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It’s miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe…. Continue reading

Ones to Watch in 2020: Pine Francine Toon.

They are driving home from the search party when they see her. The trees are coarse and tall in the winter light, standing like men.  Lauren and her father Niall live alone in the Highlands, in a small village surrounded by pine forest. When a woman stumbles out onto the… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Someone Is Lying Jenny Blackhurst.

One year after Erica Spencer falls to her death at a lavish Halloween party, the residents of the exclusive gated community where she lived have comes to terms with her loss and started to move on with their lives. Then a post on the school’s website announces there will be… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Recovery Of Rose Gold Stephanie Wrobel.

Rose Gold Watts believed she was sick for eighteen years. She thought she needed the feeding tube, the surgeries, the wheelchair . . . Turns out her mother is a really good liar. After five years in prison, Patty Watts is finally free. All she wants is to put old… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Deep Alma Katsu.

Someone, or some thing, is haunting theTitanic.  This is the only way to explain the series of misfortunes that have plagued the passengers of the ship from the moment they set sail: mysterious disappearances, sudden deaths. Now suspended in an eerie, unsettling twilight zone during the four days of the liner’s illustrious… Continue reading