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It’s the year 2096. Maybe world peace is possible, just a few years from the 22nd century! The Russian president boldly hosts a summit of the three superpowers in the world—America, the Islamic Caliphate, and the Chinese-Indian alliance. So much promise, so much hope, but the Russian president…dies.
Was his inexplicable death murder?
One moment world peace was in sight, now world war seems unstoppable. Will the Russian Bloc erupt in civil war, an international war, or both?

So we come to the third book in the “After Eden” series – a series that has grown on me substantially since I read “Thy Kingdom Fall” a while ago. I was not fond of the religious elements of that book it has to be said, but I was still highly intrigued by the premise and caught up in the wonderful writing. Since then however, as the story progressed with Stars and Scorpions and here we are now with Rising Leviathon, I have been more and more immersed in the story, the ebb and flow of it and the terrifically imagined imperfect future…

This is a multi-stranded tale to be sure, with an ever deepening mythology, terrific characterisation and a premise that is not ALL beyond the realms of possibility when you look at our world as it is today. In a future where technology is king and religious persecution almost normal, anything can happen. And often does. Add in the science fiction elements, and you have a blinking good thriller.

One thing I do love about these is while they are all interconnected and the story weaves its way throughout you could pick up any one of them and find a great story in its own right. Every single book has given me something a bit different and a different love – in this case my favourite part of the story involved a wonderful character – Athena – and I also enjoyed the focus shift in the middle of the book which gave it a whole new dimension. I don’t really want to speak too much to plot details, this is an intricate and brilliantly woven tale, with many aspects and a lot of “pause for thought” moments, the type of story that thrills and excites you but also gives you real things to consider about life.

Another thing I love is the plethora of strong female characters and role models – not that easy to do well these days it seems. And I am a fan of the intricacy of the tale, the way the characters all slot into place, the simple yet complex storytelling that draws you into that world in subtle and imaginative ways. Clever.

Overall an enthralling and compelling story and Im sure there MUST be more to come. Please. Right Mr Dragon?

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