All The Wrong Places Joy Fielding. Blog tour review.

Online dating is risky–will that message be a sweet greeting or an unsolicited lewd photo? Will he be as handsome in real life as he is in his photos, or were they taken ten years and twenty pounds ago? And when he asks you to go home with him, how do you know it’s safe? The man calling himself “Mr. Right Now” in his profile knows that his perfect hair, winning smile, and charming banter put women at ease, silencing any doubts they might have about going back to his apartment. There, he has a special evening all planned out: steaks, wine, candlelight . . . and, by the end of the night, pain and a slow, agonizing death.Driven to desperation–by divorce, boredom, infidelity, a beloved husband’s death–a young woman named Paige, her cousin and rival Heather, her best friend, Chloe, and her mother, Joan, all decide to try their hand at online dating. They each download an app, hoping to right-swipe their way to love and happiness.But one of them unwittingly makes a date with the killer, starting the clock on a race to save her life.

All The Wrong Places is actually more character drama than serial killer thriller, dealing with a group of women in Boston, all trying out online dating, one of whom is in the sights of a killer…

This novel is very addictive, mostly due to the character dynamics- rather than focus on the killer lurking in the shadows it concentrated on the possible victim pool, their lives and the events that set them on a path towards him- you get all caught up in their goings on then Joy Fielding puts a little sting in the tale.

A pacy, often riveting read that works in a different way. Very good indeed.

You can purchase All The Wrong Places (Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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