Best of The Week: Shed No Tears Caz Frear.

Four victims.

Killer caught.

Case closed . . .

Or is it?

Christopher Masters, known as ‘The Roommate Killer’, strangled three women over a two-week period in a London house in November 2012. Holly Kemp, his fourth victim, was never found. Until now.

Her remains have been unearthed in a field in Cambridgeshire and DC Cat Kinsella and the major investigation team are called in, but immediately there are questions surrounding the manner of her death. And with Masters now dead, no one to answer them.

DCI Tessa Dyer, the lead on the 2012 case, lends the team a hand, as does DCI Steele’s old boss and mentor, the now retired Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Cairns. With Masters dead, Cat and the team have to investigate every lead again.


This is a series I’ve loved since the very first book – main protagonist Cat Kinsella is so realistic and full of depth that I immediately engaged with her, that has continued through every subsequent instalment and Shed No Tears was no exception.

The family drama is just as compelling as any of the mystery elements, the twisted interconnected relationships and ever changing morality is riveting so each story has a continuing arc that is hugely addictive.

Then of course you have separate investigations undertaken by Cat and the team and each one is intelligently plotted, unpredictable and perfectly paced to keep the reader turning the pages avidly awaiting the next reveal.

Shed No Tears has a serial killer, an enigmatic and flawed victim, a twisted sense of right and wrong with plenty of “ooh” moments making it another tip top fully immersive crime thriller from the pen of Caz Frear.

Not many writers of this creative, talented level are out there so I highly recommend that you read these if you are a fan of all things crime fiction.

You can purchase Shed No Tears (Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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