Choosing my next read….sometimes it takes hours!


For a complete bookworm such as myself choosing my next read (or in my case batch of reads) often takes a lot of doing…I peruse my bookshelves, I look at my netgalley approvals, flip through my kindle then I wander the house for a while with a lost expression on my face…before returning to the bookshelves….

Sometimes its easy. That book you’ve been waiting for has arrived, or in my case one of my lovely publishers has sent me something delightfully unexpected (Kate at Harper Collins is psychic I believe – whenever I’m having a rough time or am dying for something a bit different inevitably something arrives that is just perfect!) She’s not the only one either – I count myself as one of the luckiest bookworms ever…


My reading material comes from many sources. I buy about 10 books a month, sometimes more. I get sent 2-3 a week on average. I have netgalley for those up and coming releases I just can’t bear to wait for. Lovely Indie Authors send me their novels, often little gems that would have passed me by. I get offered reads and sometimes chase them down tenaciously (I found one of my current books that way – I stalked Catherine at Penguin until she found me a copy of “The Siege” – sorry Catherine!) I usually wait to be asked but sometimes – well, my obsession gets the best of me. Sigh.


There are not enough books in the world to make me feel like I’ve got a long enough reading list – I LOVE drowning in novels, having a myriad of new worlds to explore, new characters to meet and then rave about. I have a practical eye when I choose my next adventure – if I have Advanced Reading Copies I try and make sure that I time it right, but mostly it has to be said, its purely impulsive. My brain tells me whether I need zombies, or dystopia, or a thrill ride or a juicy murder to investigate. Whether its family drama I need to read about or whether I want to find out more about a real life event – such as I am doing now with “The Siege”

However my brain processes it, I always seem to end up with the right read at the right time for ME. Remember “The Humans”? Of course not, I will never let you forget…

So how do YOU choose your next read? Here are mine…

Currently Reading.



Happy Reading Folks!



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