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Hey its the weekend again folks – lets hope its a good one. It surely will be for me, a lovely copy of Dr Sleep by Stephen King arrived on my doorstep this morning. As I am near the end of my current batch of books, guess whats next for me? Anyway, I digress…here is what you can find on site next week….





On Monday I shall be passing comment on Goodreads and the recent changes to their policies that have a lot of people up in arms and exiting the building stage left…for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about here is a linky link to help.

I will be giving my thoughts on this and reviewing in general. Hey I’ve had a whole lot of lovely author interviews lately – about time I did some work myself. See what I actually think of the whole thing on Monday….


Next to Die HiRes Vis


On Tuesday as a little teaser for the book release on Thursday, I shall be talking to Neil White all about Next to Die amongst other things…don’t miss that folks, I’m fairly sure you will want to be getting your hands on a copy of this….




On Wednesday my lovely daughter Melissa and I will be talking about “Mutton” by India Knight…a book about growing old gracefully -or not as the case may be – this was a fun read and caused some hilarity in our household. We thought it would be great to give a mother/daughter viewpoint and also India answered a couple  of questions for us. Find out what she had to say on Wednesday…..




On Thursday the actual release date for “Next to Die” I shall be talking about some books that I, personally, am dying to read. And why. And also talking a little bit about that pre release excitement that a lot of readers suffer – yes suffer! You can hear all about that on Thursday…




On Friday I shall be handing the front page over to Amie once more so she can update you on her writing progress amongst other things and we can catch up with her and see how she is getting on.


Hopefully something there will take your fancy!


Happy Reading Folks!





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