Coming Next Week to Liz Loves Books.

Well the weekend is upon us and now things have settled somewhat  I can get back to blogging properly and letting people know what I will be blathering about.

So what shall I do next week? Well some things I’ve wanted to do for a while for a start. Here is what is coming.



Well on Monday you will be able to find a “Liz Currently Loves” post all about the latest January David novel from the rather lovely Will Carver which will be released later this month. I have been avidly reading it for the last couple of days and will be finishing it later tonight whilst eating a ton of chocolate…and I have been once again deeply immersed in the weird and wonderful world of January et al and for me its been the best yet! More on that Monday.





So excited was I today to see the cover for the new novel from Mr MacBride that is due to hit the shelves in January – namely “A Song For The Dying” –  then even more excited to discover that our protagonist from “Birthdays of the Dead” Ash Henderson was to make another appearance – that I decided it was high time I did an article on all things MacBride. So that is Tuesday for you. Logan Mcrae being one of my favourite literary policemen, I shall wax lyrical about how much I enjoy these books. Even though they have a dark side…but then who DOESNT love a dark side!




On Wednesday I shall be doing a post named “The Hunger Games v Divergent”. Two of my favourite YA trilogies, both with endings that divided opinion, I shall discuss, divulge my feelings, and generally blather about how much more interesting it is when you can argue the point about an ending/plot detail with other readers rather than having a “please everyone” ending. They often fall flat!  Please be aware this post will contain MAJOR SPOILERS as this is not an article I can write unless I can talk about plot details and give away the final twists. So avoid Liz Loves Books on Wednesday if you have not yet read these and intend to.





On Thursday as a follow on from that article I will be talking about Young Adult Fiction in general, telling you some of my favourite examples of the genre and looking at the recent explosion onto the scene of such novels – and how much they are loved by both young adults and old adults alike!






On Friday I will finally be reviewing the latest in the Lynley series from Elizabeth George – oh I adore these books – and talking about the series as a whole. The excellent, the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly. There will be minor spoilers from the earlier books, however I will mark them clearly so that you can ignore those bits if they are about one of the Lynley’s you have not yet read.


Happy Weekend Folks!

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