Control Hugh Montgomery Blog tour review.

Renowned surgeon Michael Trenchard locks his office door and prepares for a relaxing evening. But what follows is a living nightmare when later he is discovered in a locked-in coma, the victim of an auto-erotic asphyxiation. 

It is left to Doctor Kash Devan, Trenchard’s young protégé, to uncover the truth. And what he discovers is chilling . . . 

In his ruthless pursuit of wealth and success, Trenchard has left a trail of wrecked lives, and angry people, behind him. Which of Trenchard’s victims hated him so much that they wanted to ruin not only his reputation, but his life as well? 

Not all doctors are heroes . . .

I feel there haven’t been enough decent medical thrillers in recent memory and Control certainly hits the sweet spot in that regard – plenty of medicine and life saving excitement wrapped up in a tense and atmospheric mystery.

I loved it. The hospital setting was superb and the tale was creepy and excellent with plenty of perfectly placed twists and turns creating a proper page turner of a novel that I devoured in two big gulps.

The characters are all hugely intriguing, the outcome is unpredictable and it is beautifully written.

Really looking forward to what this author does next. Hopefully lots more medical mayhem.


You can purchase Control (Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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