Crimefest 2016: Meet the Authors. With David Young.



So recently at Crimefest my very good friend Christine and I interviewed a plethora of gorgeous authors – over at Christine’s place today you can see what happened when we met David Jackson – but right here I have another David – the indomitable Mr David Young, author of Stasi Child a book that I reviewed promptly and efficiently. Some of that statement is a lie.



We started off by asking about the setting for Stasi Child – Communist East Germany – and why he decided to set a book in that time and place…

Turns out David is a bit of a songwriter as well as an author – he told us he was writing songs and also released an album, all on You Tube. Also working at the BBC he was interested in touring with the album and Edwyn Collins was a fan. A booking in East Germany followed and while he was there he could still see Eastern Germany as it was and so the original inspiration on setting was born. He started a Masters and was encouraged to turn his idea into a novel by fellow author Claire McGowan. And we are very pleased he did. Brownie points to Ms McGowan!


The next obvious question was – will there be a sequel? (Lots of crossed fingers from Christine and I here…)

LUCKILY the answer was YES (and boy are we looking forward to THAT little book gem!) David tells us that indeed he is currently working on a sequel set a few months after Stasi Child in an ideal socialist city. There was a little talk about Crossword murders but frankly I was in a slight haze thinking YAY more great reading ahead for me…

Next up Christine and David bonded somewhat over Yorkshire – although there was a fair bit of woe is me on the whole boarding school thing Mr Young!

David talks about how he was born in Cottingham, near Hull but was sent away to school in York. There is kind of a sorrowful expression on his face as he describes this – obviously a time that has stayed with him, something of a character building experience. As for Hull – he is he tells us a HUGE supporter of Hull city. Football – it’s a thing. We went off on various tangents at this point, it all turned into a bit of a gossip – the best fun but I promise you have the salient points right here!


Finally we moved onto some quickfire questions including that killer question originating from Vicki .

Tea Coffee or Other?

Well for David the choice is TEA. Earl Grey to be specific. Don’t mind a drop of that myself!

One book you recommend to everyone:

The Twelfth Department – William Ryan.


You could try Davids Recommendation out by clicking right HERE

The Killer Question: If you were a book what would you be called?

“The Great Escape”


David was one of only 3 authors interviewed who just spat this answer out – mostly there was a look of horror followed by much pondering followed by a promise (now fulfilled) to email us an answer later. So Kudos to David on that one and it’s a perfect answer. The Great Escape indeed!

On a personal note, it is always an absolute PLEASURE to spend time with Mr Young – we have met several times at various events and he is an absolute riot and a joy to be around. Here’s to many more – and thanks SO much to him for sitting in our huddle and having a chat!

Find out more here

Follow David on Twitter here.

You can purchase Stasi Child by clickety clicking right HERE


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