Dark Sky Island Lara Dearman blog tour review.

The tiny island of Sark lies isolated in the dark waters of the Channel Islands. No cars are allowed. No streetlamps light its paths. It is the world’s only Dark Sky Island. This breathtaking patch of land seems the picture of tranquility—but at its heart lies a web of murder, deceit, and hidden danger.

When bones are discovered on Derrible Bay and an elderly resident is violently murdered, DCI Michael Gilbert from the nearby island of Guernsey is called in to tackle the case. With his department under fire, he needs to find the killer—and fast. Joining him is newspaper reporter Jennifer Dorey, whose father died in a mysterious drowning off the island. As Michael struggles to crack the case and Jennifer launches her own investigation, the island’s residents are left reeling and soon, their dark secrets begin to unravel threatening everything.

I was a huge fan of the first book in this series and I’m just as impressed by the second outing – Dark Sky Island is tense, hugely atmospheric and beautifully written.

The sense of place is incredibly immersive and the mystery element is clever, engaging and unpredictable. I love the two central characters and this is an intriguing story of the secrets within a small island community.

Overall this is a wonderful read, a page turner, quality crime fiction just the way I like it

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Dark Sky Island (Trapeze) Here.

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