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It is really very exciting news that Lisbeth Salander will be back in a new book written by David Lagercrantz, giving Stieg Larsson’s legacy another boost. The original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy is definitely one of the best series out there – I still remember reading it for the first time and indeed am embarking on a re-read very soon in preparation for the brand new story.

When I started “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” I nearly gave up on it. Thankfully, other readers who had gone before me insisted that I stick with it. Stieg Larsson put an awful lot of background into one of his characters which did seem interminable at one point – one of my huge memories of that first read is plowing through that lot with the promise of something special to come and boy were those other readers right. The story kicked in big time and became one of the most addictive novels I had ever and have ever read.

Lisbeth Salander really is a marvel of a character. Truly compelling, a heroine for modern times and although much attempt has been made to create similar characters, she still stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  One of those literary creations that really does stay with you forever once you have met her, I am severely impatient to see what is next. The legacy seems to be in safe hands – so hold onto your hats folks. Lisbeth is back!








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