Five Reasons Why on A.I. with Heather Child. Every Thing About You.

5 Reasons you’ll hand over control to A.I.

Reason 3.

Decision-making is a huge mental drain

We live in a world of choice, choice and more choice. It sounds like a good thing, but we haven’t really evolved to cope with the 2,500-10,000 decisions that now come our way daily.
Overchoice, or decision fatigue, is something everyone experiences, though not always consciously. Studies have shown that if you are faced with too many options for an evening out, you are more likely to choose to do nothing. The decision-making process takes too much energy, and makes us pull in our horns.
Take online dating, which Freya, the main character of Everything About You, approaches with blithe innocence. Overchoice has transformed dating, making it quicker and more fickle, and making the dates themselves more disposable. The internet is such a large pond that there are always more fish, more people the algorithms have matched up as compatible, so people date with a grass-is-probably-greener mindset.
And once we’re tired of swiping, matchmaking algorithms are increasingly smart about sifting through the profiles, calculating relationship potential. In Freya’s world, people rely on the algorithms to such an extent that there is a sense of entitlement – if the computer says you’re someone’s match then it is foolish, even antisocial, to blank them.
When your whole life story can be projected forward in time by a super-smart intelligence, who are you to argue? Even if Freya is baffled by the advice of her AI, she doesn’t dare to diverge from it. Her decision-making muscles have become weak, and the AI is like a sat nav for the whole of life.

About The Book:


Freya has a new virtual assistant. It knows what she likes, knows what she wants and knows whose voice she most needs to hear: her missing sister’s. 
It adopts her sister’s personality, recreating her through a life lived online. But this virtual version of her sister knows things it shouldn’t be possible to know. It’s almost as if the missing girl is still out there somewhere, feeding fresh updates into the cloud. But that’s impossible. Isn’t it?

You can purchase Everything About You (Orbit) Here.

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