For the Missing Lina Bengtsdotter blog tour review.

When a teenage girl goes missing from a small town, the local police start to buckle under the pressure.

Enter Charlie Lager, the brilliant but conflicted Detective Inspector sent from Stockholm to solve the mystery of Annabelle’s disappearance.

Her superiors don’t know that Charlie grew up in this very town – and she’s determined to keep it that way. But as she gets closer to the truth, cracks begin to form in her own lies.

Can Charlie find Annabelle before her darkest secrets are brought to light? FOR THE MISSING, time is running out…

For the Missing is an atmospheric slow burner of a novel, more family drama and domestic noir than crime, focusing on a missing girl, what lead up to her disappearance and the damaged, intriguing detective who is sent to find her.

This was a compelling tale from the outset, not least because Charlie Lager is a fascinatingly flawed protagonist who is hiding secrets of her own. The town she grew up in has a dark underbelly and the author uses the past affecting present theme extraordinarily well.

The outcome is unpredictable and the writing is beautiful, this is more literary than commercial and a cleverly done character study with addictive mystery elements.

Overall an excellent read. Recommended.

You can purchase For The Missing (Orion) Here.

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