Great Christmas Books 3. Various.

So to finish off this week (I am away from tomorrow until the 29th so although you may see one or two new reviews go up this is my last blogpost before Christmas) here are a few more books you might consider as Christmas gifts for loved ones.




So. Sarah Pinborough’s retelling of some classic fairytales, giving them an adult and humerous twist have an AWFUL lot going for them. Not only are they great stories, all connected and wonderful but I can tell you – the look of the actual books themselves is stunning. Beautiful little hardbacks, gorgeous illustrations and just a perfect “feel” to them. Shh…don’t tell the kids….


Looking for something for Young Adults? You won’t go far wrong with either “Tethers” by Jack Croxall, a Victorian set fantasy tale of adventure or The Memory Game by Sharon Sant, a heart wrenching tale of a boy gone from this earth before his time. Again, both beautiful looking books, there is not a vampire to be found anywhere, sparkly or otherwise!


Looking to get someone back into reading? Or know of anyone who loves short stories? Perhaps “Nocturnes” by John Connolly would be a lovely gift – especially if you get the rather gorgeous looking hardback version. Including one story featuring Mr Connolly’s main protagonist, Charlie Parker, and a host of other dark and wonderful tales, this would be a great gift for anyone.

So that is your lot! And that is me done until the festivities are over. Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.


Happy Christmas Reading Folks!


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