How a book speaks to you….

So I’ve been all about the life drama lately. Huge upheavals in my personal life have changed my outlook on a lot of things…and in a lot of ways all this “stuff” that goes around in my head has made my relationship with books and reading all the more poignant and important. Because books recently have been almost literally speaking to me. Take the moment I’m in – I am reading “The Humans” by Matt Haig. Its wonderful. Witty and insightful and well, all about “stuff” but using a very original and intriguing story to talk about it.  I’m not at the end yet but already I know its going to be one of those books for my life, my interpretation of it anyway – and we all put our own spin on things don’t we? The author’s intention may be unknown but on occasions like this you get what you need out of it. A bit of background. I suffer from clinical depression. And I am only just now beginning to understand what that actually means…how to cope with it and what it does to the people in my life. I’ve lived with it for a long time but I’ve never really LIVED with it. Now in the midst of a marital split and recovering from weight issues and other health issues, I’m getting a chance at a real life. One for me. And its a struggle, a huge uphill battle – and books help. Either because you can lose yourself in another world for a while and let all the other stuff go, or because the book you are reading at the time actually gives you hope. THIS book in particular, for whatever reason, and I’m not going to over analyse it, is giving me hope. That I can come out the other side of this and be medium happy. My baseline. I’m never going to be ecstatic, its not in me. But I can be happy – oh yes I can. And I can live. Turns out even with everything,  I’ve got more to live for than I thought.  I can’t tell you why “The Humans” is helping me on my recovery path. But boy it is. It really is. And at just the right moment for me – serendipity. And, by the way, its a BLINKING good yarn. You all out there can just read it for fun! And if you want to know more then you can follow Matt Haig on Twitter  A full review will follow when I am at the end of this particular road. Happy reading until then everyone.



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  1. Good luck, Liz – it’s not an easy journey, but it’s so worthwhile! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Beautiful piece Liz xx

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