I Know My Name C J Cooke. Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: June 15th from Harper Collins

Source: Review Copy

Komméno Island, Greece: I don’t know where I am, who I am. Help me.

A woman is washed up on a remote Greek island with no recollection of who she is or how she got there.

Potter’s Lane, Twickenham, London: Eloïse Shelley is officially missing.

Lochlan’s wife has vanished into thin air, leaving their toddler and twelve-week-old baby alone. Her money, car and passport are all in the house, with no signs of foul play. Every clue the police turn up means someone has told a lie…

Does a husband ever truly know his wife? Or a wife know her husband? Why is Eloïse missing? Why did she forget?

The truth is found in these pages…

I Know My Name was really beautifully done. A page turner of a novel with genuine emotional resonance at the core of it I was completely caught up in the story of Eloise and Lochlan as he desperately searches for her and she tries to remember what happened to her.

It is a psychological thriller but with a slightly different vibe. There isn’t a huge mystery or a huge twist in the tale, CJ Cooke simply opens her characters up to the reader and lets them see the story unfold. Left with two children Lochlan can’t understand how Eloise could leave them. A gap in memory leaves Eloise unsure of anything at all apart from her name. Separated by an ocean, you are rooting for these two to come back together.

It is difficult to say too much without giving away the heart of this book so I’ll just say that it is beautifully complex yet simply told in a way that really digs deep into the themes that anchor the tale. Unpredictable simply because it is not trying to hard to be clever, I Know My Name draws you in and leaves you at the end with all the feels. In some ways it is less psychological thriller and more family drama, pulling apart the layers of one family unit and letting you find the truth.

Really terrific. Just excellent.

Highly Recommended.

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