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Katrina Williams left the Army ten years ago disillusioned and damaged. Now a sheriff’s detective at home in the Missouri Ozarks, Katrina is living her life one case at a time—between mandated therapy sessions—until she learns that she’s a suspect in a military investigation with ties to her painful past.
The disappearance of a local girl is far from the routine distraction, however. Brutally murdered, the girl’s corpse is found by a bottlegger whose information leads Katrina into a tangled web of teenagers, moonshiners, motorcycle clubs, and a fellow veteran battling illness and his own personal demons. Unraveling each thread will take time  Katrina might not have as the Army investigator turns his searchlight on the devastating incident that ended her military career. Now Katrina will need to dig deep for the truth—before she’s found buried…

A Living Grave was a pacy and considered thriller with a truly intriguing main protagonist in Katrina (known rather aptly as “Hurricane”) one I thoroughly enjoyed and was a great entry read into what is a three book series.

This is a story where the past comes back to haunt the present and the present ain’t that great either – it is a completely compelling read especially as you begin to realise the demons Katrina is facing. The cast of characters are all beautifully drawn, her relationships with those around her are engaging and the writing is gritty and realistic and cleverly immersive.

The mystery element is great – the author weaves the small town vibe around the central themes very well, Katrina’s issues are emotionally resonant and hard hitting, with an authentic edge that digs deep. Admittedly I was more taken with her back story and the current problems she is facing in relation to that than I was with the murder she is investigating – but that took a tumultuous turn that was absolutely riveting. The eventual resolution is cleverly heart wrenching so overall both strands of the story work well together to make a banging good read.

Yes I liked it. I’ll be reading the others as soon as I can find time..


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