Latest Reads: Alice Teale Is Missing H A Linskey.

As usual, seventeen-year-old Alice Teale walked out of school at the end of a bright spring day.

She’s not been seen since.

Alice was popular and well-liked, and her boyfriend, friends and family are desperate to find her. But when the police start asking questions, it becomes clear that almost everyone has something to hide.

Torn between a host of suspects, Detectives Beth Winter and Lucas Black don’t know which way to turn. But then they receive a disturbing package: pages from Alice’s precious diary.

Who could have sent them? And what have they done with Alice?

Alice Teale Is Missing is definitely one of THE most addictive novels I’ve read this year – a read in record time for me I did not want to put it down.

For a start the police team of Black and Winter (who should definitely have their own tv show) were brilliantly engaging- a new relationship for them and for us – then add to that a really intriguing and unpredictable mystery for them to solve and you have a pitch perfect crime read.

The diary entries from the missing girl add a lot of flavour to proceedings as well as throwing up some little twists and turns. The suspect pool is cleverly layered so you really are not sure what’s going on and the ultimate resolution is emotionally charged.

Really thought this was excellent. Great set up for future stories too I will look forward to that with anticipation.


You can purchase Alive Teams is Missing (Michael Joseph) Here.

Happy Reading!

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