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Publication Date: 26th July from Penguin (Michael Joseph)

Source: Netgalley

Alvie Knightly is back . . . and she’s hungover.

When Alvie discovers that her hit man boyfriend has driven off with the Lamborghini and two million euros, she does what any heartbroken, deserted, amateur assassin would do – she drinks everything in the mini-bar and trashes her hotel room. And then she gets to work.

A perilous cat-and-mouse game takes the pair across Rome, leaving a trail of collateral damage in their wake. But as she wholeheartedly embraces her dark side Alvie will have to figure out if Nino is her nemesis . . . or the only man bad enough to handle her.

I loved “Mad” the first novel in this trilogy – where we were introduced to Alvie Knightly, a girl on a mission to steal her sister’s life.  Seemingly she should be careful what she wished for but ultimately Alvie has a dangerously dark core which came to life in hilarious detail – Mad was possibly the most appropriately titled novel ever..

Now Alvie is back, embracing her inner killer and on the hunt for lover Nino, who has left her behind and issued a challenge. Well Alvie is more than up to that and sets off to track Nino down, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake…but will she find her happily ever after?

I love Alvie as a character – she’s funny, often inept, but wickedly engaging, can extract herself from any situation and basically just rolls over anyone in her way leaving them either dead or distraught. The wonderfully sexy Nino keeps her on her toes and “Mad” is basically just one long twisted courtship. The events get ever more insane but ever more entertaining and this is the most fun you’ll have with a book this Summer I reckon. It is far fetched yet utterly believable, the characters pop, the locations are vividly brought to life as both Nino and Alvie cut a swathe through Rome in a cat and mouse chase where honestly either one could be cat or mouse…

You can read this without reading “Mad” as Alvie helpfully gives us a rather ranty “previously on” early in the book but I really would start at the beginning so you can see her develop, often her randomly witty inner dialogue will have you laughing out loud, plus the forming of her relationship with assassin Nino,  how they end up in this situation is an incredibly lively reading time. You have time to catch up with Alvie’s adventures so far.

I loved it. Wildly entertaining. sexy as hell, possibly the darkest ending that will still make you laugh I’ve ever seen, I can’t help but highly recommend it. Bring on “Dangerous to Know” – I simply can’t wait.


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