Latest Reads: Black Rain Falling Jacob Ross.

On the Caribbean island of Camaho, forensics expert Michael ‘Digger’ Digson is in deep trouble.

His fellow CID detective Miss Stanislaus kills a man in self-defence – their superiors believe it was murder, and Digger given just six weeks to prove his friend is innocent.

While the authorities bear down on them, Digger and Miss Stanislaus investigate a shocking roadside murder, the first tremors of a storm of crime and corruption that will break over Camaho at any moment.

I really loved the writing in Black Rain Falling, such an atmospheric sense of place, such richly layered characters, I immersed myself into it and devoured every page.

The story is darkly compelling, the Camaho setting coming alive on the page. Digger, the detective with morals that often become ambiguous, Miss Stanislaus, his friend, a quiet Angel of fury, both involved in murder and corruption in a place that takes no prisoners. You sink into this tale of a very different world to yours and Jacob Ross holds you there with his intensely authentic prose, creating an emotional response to every passing event.

This was wonderful in a deeply emotive way, an intelligent, involving crime novel that deserves a huge readership.


You can purchase Black Rain Falling (Sphere) Here.

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