Latest Reads: Casanova And The Faceless Woman Olivier Barde-Cabucon.


Outside the gates of the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the city of Paris sits mired in squalor and crime. One night a body is found with ghastly mutilations that shock even the hardened city watch.


The Inspector for Strange and Unexplained Deaths investigates this macabre outrage, and the clues he finds draw him into a deadly web of intrigue, bringing him face-to-face with the notorious adventurer and seducer, Giacomo Casanova.


As a second butchered corpse is discovered, the Inspector finds his revolutionary past exposed and his life in grave danger. Can he pick a path between the factions secretly warring for control of the throne and find a way to the truth?

We all need an Inspector for strange and unexplained deaths in our lives- what a great job title. Like the Fox Mulder of historical France.

Casanova And The Faceless Woman is an atmospheric and involving novel, with secret societies, political shenanigans and murder most foul – into the mix we also have Casanova, that famous cad, who here takes on a likeable unpredictability.

With science and intelligence the Inspector for strange and unexplained deaths has his job because of a favour he did once for the king, now whenever anything beyond the norm happens he steps in. This doesn’t win him any friends but he cares not, his past is intriguing and the story is compelling.

Overall this is a great mystery with lots of vividly drawn characters, some of whom you’ll recognise beyond Casanova and is a highly imaginative and engaging romp through history with some great writing. Translated beautifully too, well worth a read.


You can purchase Casanova And The Faceless Woman (Pushkin Press) Here.

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