Latest Reads: Consolation Garry Disher.

Winter in Tiverton.

Constable Paul Hirschhausen has a snowdropper on his patch. Someone is stealing women’s underwear, and Hirsch knows enough about that kind of crime—how it can escalate—not to take it lightly.

But the more immediate concerns are a call from the high school, a teacher worried about a student who may be in danger at home. Another call, a different school: a man enraged about the principal’s treatment of his daughter.

A little girl in harm’s way and an elderly woman in danger. An absent father who isn’t where he’s supposed to be; another who flees to the back country armed with a rifle. Families under pressure. And the cold, seeping feeling that something is very, very wrong.

Garry Disher should be required reading for anyone wanting to write a novel..any writer who can make stolen underwear one of the most riveting plots you’ll read this year has a lot to teach future literary heroes.

Of course that’s only one thread of this superb narrative, once again following Constable Paul “Hirsch” Hirschhausen and his local community of Tiverton plus surrounding areas, a mostly mundane job that occasionally tips over into dangerous madness.

In Consolation we have a multitude of small things and one or two much larger issues. Garry Disher makes it all hugely addictive and his character creation is second to none, flawed, layered, realistic and relatable every one.

I am the biggest fan (arguably) of this author and I would absolutely read his shopping list. The whole series comes highly recommended by me.

You can purchase Consolation (Viper) Here.

Happy Reading!

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