Latest Reads: Dark Truths A J Cross.

When a headless body is discovered on a popular jogging trail, Detective Inspector Bernard Watts and his team are plunged headlong into a baffling murder investigation. Why would someone stab to death a young woman on her daily run – and take her head?When a close examination of the crime scene results in a shocking discovery linking the present murder to a past crime, criminologist Will Traynor is brought in to assist the police. Aware of Traynor’s troubled past and already having to deal with inexperienced rookie PC Chloe Judd on his team, Watts is sceptical that Traynor will bring anything useful to the investigation.He’s about to be proved very wrong …

I always enjoy novels featuring Criminal Profilers so I took a punt on this one – Dark Truths- and it was a really good read, great page turning quality and some intriguing characters. 

It’s also somewhat of a serial killer thriller adding to the idea that I would like it – the plot is cleverly achieved so it stays unexpected. 

I loved the Will Traynor character, obsessive yet insightful with a dark past that distracts him from the present. The police team he works with here is well rounded and bring their own personalities into the mix and the killer is suitably obscure and dangerous.

Overall a great start to a new series and I look forward to the next.

You can purchase Dark Truths (Severn House) Here.

Happy Reading!

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  1. A j cross says:

    Many thanks for a great review – exactly reflects what I aimed to achieve.
    Don’t you just love crime!

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