Latest Reads: Down To The Woods MJ Arlidge

There is a sickness in the forest. First, it was the wild horses. Now it’s innocent men and women, hunted down and murdered by a faceless figure. Lost in the darkness, they try to flee, they try to hide. In desperation, they call out for help. But there is no-one to hear their cries here…

DI Helen Grace must face down a new nightmare. The arrow-ridden victims hang from the New Forest’s ancient oaks, like pieces of strange fruit. Why are helpless holidaymakers being targeted in peak camping season? And what do their murders signify? Is a psychopath stalking the forest? Is there an occult element to the killings? Could the murders even be an offering to the Forest itself? Helen must walk into the darkness to discover the truth behind her most challenging, most macabre case yet.

I’ll be honest and say the last book I read in this series was the first one. Since then it seems that time has escaped me so despite muttering to myself about reading in order, when this arrived on my doorstep the cover just drew me right in..

I’m going to have to get to the backlist because Down To The Woods was darkly entertaining, a classically good crime drama with an engaging and clever lead in Helen Grace. I devoured it, some of it, set in said Woods, actually freaked me out and the mystery elements were excellent.

Whilst it’s obvious I’ve missed a lot of back story for the main group, it didn’t detract at all from the joy of reading this one so I don’t feel too bad about my terrible neglect- after all, now I have 6 books to love whilst the rest of you will be waiting..

Down to The Woods was deliciously intriguing, fast paced and ever fascinating. Great writing, really addictive plotting and worth a place on any crime lovers shelf.


You can purchase Down To The Woods (Michael Joseph) Here.

Happy Reading!

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