Latest Reads False Prophet James Hazel.

A secret buried for two thousand years. 

The rise of an ancient evil.
An invisible killer who will stop at nothing. 

When a brutal serial killer defies all known methods, the police call in prolific lawyer and former homicide detective, Charlie Priest, to assist the hunt. 

Working together they soon discover a link to a lost scripture that contains a secret so devastating that its custodians are prepared to die to keep it. 

Tangled in a dark world of fanaticism, chaos and deadly secrets, Priest comes up against a nemesis more formidable and deranged than any he has previously encountered. 

There is no Judgment Day. There is something far worse.

I adore Charlie Priest as a character, he is uniquely placed in my reading life and I adored False Prophet – it was dark and dangerous, edgy and compelling with great writing and an atmospheric, often creepy storyline.

Charlie’s serial killer brother is also a terrific character so I was more than happy to find him lurking in the pages too – the story itself is focused on a found religious text that changes assumptions and sets off a terrifying chain of events. Charlie et al get all caught up in it and this is a right proper page turner that will make your dreams a bit screwy.

I loved it. This series gets better and better, unpredictable and intelligent each time and I’d love to see it hit the big time.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase False Prophet (Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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