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FBI Agent Nell Flynn is about to work the most personal case of her life.

When her father Martin dies in a motorcycle accident, Nell returns home to Long Island for the first time in a decade.

Martin, a homicide detective, left one piece of unfinished business. He was investigating the murders of two undocumented Latina girls. Now his partner wants Nell’s help to find the killer.

But Nell soon realises that Martin should be the prime suspect, and that his friends on the force are covering for him.

With no idea who she can trust, Nell also starts to question events that took place when she was a child – when her own mother was murdered. Could her father really be a killer?

I really enjoyed The Bankers Wife last year but on balance I much preferred this family drama with procedural and psychological elements, it was an excellent page turner with a strong sense of place and a realistically flawed heroine in Nell.

This is a twisty tale but is also very compelling in its relationship layers as Nell tries to discover if her Dad was friend or foe, getting entangled in a dark web of deceit along the way. I was totally involved all the way and this had both excellent writing and clever unpredictable plotting.

Overall a really great read.


You can purchase Girls Like Us (Mulholland) Here.

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