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It has been eighteen months since Danny Felix pulled off the robbery of his life. His plan brought London to a standstill, but at a heavy price.

Now, living a quiet life running a charter fishing business in the Florida Keys, Danny is trying to come to terms with the death and destruction he had unwittingly unleashed. However, the low profile is beginning to wear thin and he soon starts to crave the adrenalin rush of his former criminal ways. 

Little does he know that three very different women are about to enter his life and turn it upside-down. Soon Danny finds himself right back in the action.

But why has he been chosen? And does he have the appetite to pull off another job where the stakes are so lethally high?

Loved this. Mainly because I love the main character but also because it’s a banging good story with the right mix of action and humour, a relatively measured read that is utterly riveting.

Danny Felix is living the quiet life in Florida – apart from the random and debilitating panic attacks he suffers in the aftermath of “Standstill” – he is doing ok. But he’s about to get drawn into another mad and bad situation, where the stakes may even be higher than before…

I have this thing where I love a good wisecracking, witty main protagonist and Danny Felix is certainly that – but also very real, highly engaging and you just want to travel along with him (even when there’s blood and death and destruction which does tend, it seems, to follow him around)

Godsend had a wonderfully compelling multiple character arc, with Danny sat at the centre ready to take the stage, there are plenty of edge of seat moments, some truly laugh out loud moments (I’d really like to know what happens to Colt, loved that dude, small as his role in this was – could we bring him back please?) and enough twisty turns to keep the most avid of crime fans happy.

With a hilarious opening and a beautifully edgy set piece to finish, Godsend was a joy to read. It seems that life is not yet ready to leave poor Danny in peace so I’ll look forward to joining him again on the next adventure.

Violently funny, pacy and addictive, I’m a fan of Godsend. *Nods approvingly* Well done Marley!


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