Latest Reads: Gone By Midnight Candice Fox.

On the fifth floor of the White Caps Hotel, four young boys are left alone while their parents dine downstairs.

But when one of the parents checks on the children at midnight, they discover one of them is missing.

The boys swear they stayed in their room. CCTV confirms that none of them left the building. No trace of the child is found.

Now the hunt is on to find him, before it’s too late – and before the search for a boy becomes a search for a body…

Gone By Midnight is another pacy, intense and addictive thriller in the “Crimson Lake” series and I’m a fan of the main characters, especially the spiky, mouthy Amanda who takes no prisoners with her acerbic irony and total impatience with humanity. 

In this instalment a child has vanished in a twisty take on a locked room mystery and our pair are called in by the mother, who believes herself under suspicion. 

This fairly rocks along- the mystery is intriguing and emotional, the author keeps things beautifully unpredictable plus we have a terrific finale. The ongoing saga within the series takes a dark turn which is sure to haunt the next novel and overall this was a genuinely terrific read that just solidified my attachment to the books.

Roll on the next is what I say. If you’ve not discovered these yet, Crimson Lake is where to start. 


You can purchase Gone By Midnight (Cornerstone) Here.

Happy Reading!

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