Latest Reads: Grave’s End William Shaw.


An unidentified corpse is found in a freezer in the garage of an unoccupied house. DS Alexandra Cupidi is handed a case that is made even colder by no-one seeming to know or care whose body it is.


It becomes clear there is a connection between the crime and a skeleton uncovered underneath a housing development of Trevor Grey, a boy who went missing twenty five years earlier.


Digging deep into secrets that have long been concealed brings Cupidi to face a deadly conspiracy to hide these crimes. Her investigation is complicated by a secret liaison, a political cover-up and the underground life of Trevor Grey’s only friend.

I’m a huge fan of this series and of William Shaw generally so it was an absolute pleasure to enter the world of Alex Cupidi once again.

Graves End has an absolute corker of a plot which the author manages in his usual engaging and atmospheric style. The setting is vivid and beautifully done, plus I now know more about Badgers than I thought I ever would, fascinating creatures that they are.

That’s the underneath so to speak, the surface level being a classic mystery with plenty of twists and turns, an emotional resonance and unpredictable outcome. I’m a huge fan of the relationship between Alex and daughter Zoe that forms a backbone to the series overall.

Excellent stuff first page to last. Recommended.

You can purchase Grave’s End (Riverrun) Here.

Happy Reading!

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