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Bonfire Night. A missing girl.

Anna only takes her eyes off Laurel for a second. She thought Laurel was following her mum through the crowds. But in a heartbeat, Laurel is gone.

Laurel’s parents are frantic. As is Anna, their nanny. But as the hours pass, and Laurel isn’t found, suspicion grows.

Someone knows what happened to Laurel. And they’re not telling.

Another twisty psychological thriller from my good friend and occasional partner in crime Lisa Hall and blimey it was a great one too. A proper page turner. Trust me I would have pointedly glared at her if I’d been disappointed.

A girl goes missing and literally everyone is hiding something- nobody, let’s face it, would look entirely morally incorruptible when under such intense scrutiny – but which secret might lead to Lauren’s safe return. Well you’ll certainly be avidly scurrying through the read to find out.

Love to hate protagonist’s are one of Lisa’s writing super powers so be prepared for Fran and trust no-one, even Fox Mulder might have struggled with this one with its great pacy plotting.

Divisive characters, unpredictability in events and one of this author’s now trademark brain bending endings make “Have You Seen Her ” an addictive read I’m happy to recommend.

You can purchase Have You Seen Her (HQ) Here.

Happy Reading!

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