Latest Reads: Her Watchful Eye. Julie Corbin.

Publication Date: 20th Sept from Mulholland.

Source: Netgalley.

Her name is Ruby, and her job as CCTV operative means she can follow Hannah everywhere she goes.

It’s against the law, but Ruby is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep Hannah safe.

And there’s no harm in just watching.

Until just watching isn’t enough . . .

So the next time you get that feeling, and you think you’re alone . . . think again.

Her Watchful Eye was immediately absorbing, beautifully written with memorable characters and some very emotional moments.

Ruby is a damaged soul, her work as a CCTV operator allows her to keep an eye on Hannah- but why does she want to and what will happen if Ruby goes further…

There are some great themes here that the author explores extraordinarily well, both Ruby and Hannah are highly engaging. The true nature of their relationship comes to light over the course of the story and as it does it is ever more intriguing. This is a story about life choices and consequences, how we seek to resolve our past to secure our future, it is often thought provoking.

There is a lovely underlying mystery element, it is more one of character than anything else – you will want to keep reading to find out what happens to these two and those who are drawn into their vortex.

Overall I thought this was fantastic. I’ve loved Julie Corbin’ s other novels and this one might be my favourite so far.


You can purchase Her Watchful Eye Here

Happy Reading!

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