Latest Reads: I Know You Annabel Kantaria

That picture you just posted on Instagram? I’ve seen it.
The location you tagged? I’ve been there.

You haven’t been careful enough, have you?
Because I know all about you.

But when I meet you, I won’t tell you that.
I’ll pretend. Just like you do.

You’ll like me though. You’ll trust me enough to let me into your life.

And then I’ll destroy it.

I Know You was a fast, addictive read that will genuinely make you reconsider what you put out there on social media.

Taylor has moved to London with her husband Jake to try and rebuild their marriage following infidelity. Pregnant and lonely, Taylor looks for new friends with the tenacity of a limpet – but maybe she would have been better off solo…

Its a cleverly woven narrative in which we hear Taylor’s story and also know that there’s nefarious intent – but from whom and towards whom we cannot be sure.

I liked the characterisation here – Taylor is a little obsessive, a little dismissive and our unknown “bad guy” is chillingly engaging. The relationship dynamics of all parties are highly intriguing, it’s a page turner for sure.

Overall a very good psychological thriller- one you sink into and the read is excellent throughout and delivers a very satisfying ending.


You can purchase I Know You (HQ) Here.

Happy Reading!

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