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Warning: use of this gate will take you outside of the InTech corporate zone. Different community guidelines may apply, and you may be asked to sign a separate end-user license agreement. Do you wish to continue?

Tanta has trained all her young life for this. Her very first mission is a code red: to take her team into the unaffiliated zone just outside InTech’s borders and retrieve a stolen hard drive. It should have been quick and simple, but a surprise attack kills two of her colleagues and Tanta barely makes it home alive.

Determined to prove herself and partnered with a colleague whose past is a mystery even to himself, Tanta’s investigation uncovers a sinister conspiracy that makes her question her own loyalties and the motives of everyone she used to trust.

Inscape is a brilliantly escapist read, imagining a dystopian future where corporations rule and the social hierarchy is purely realistic to the premise.

It is a pacy, involving read that I banged through in short order, featuring a heroine who is engaging whilst on a personal journey towards the truth of this world she lives in, with the edgy feel of a modern thriller and plenty of twists and turns in both action and event.

Inscape is one of those novels you fall into, spiralling into this world and leaving ours behind. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a reading distraction with terrific writing and a chilly, immersive story and setting.

Looking forward to more from this author.

You can purchase Inscape (Gollanz) Here.

Happy reading!

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