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It was just one night. But it was a night that would destroy everything.

Judge Juliana Brody is a woman with principles. She is happily married, she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t lose control. She definitely doesn’t sleep with a handsome stranger at a law convention. Except that, last night, that is exactly what she did.

Matias understands that if anyone found out about their one-night stand, it would destroy Juliana’s marriage and, most likely, her career. They agree that they will never see each other again.

And then, a week later, he walks into her courtroom.

Julia knew that her latest brief, a high-profile sex discrimination case, would make her some powerful enemies. But she didn’t expect her own life, and the lives of her family, to be put in mortal danger…

I love Joseph Finder’s thrillers they are some of the most addictive out there, always with hugely engaging characters and unpredictably clever storylines.

This one was excellent- a one night stand and Judge Juliana Brody is in all sorts of hot water with seemingly no way out. Turns out though that the bad guys messed with the wrong woman..

I rated the fact that our main protagonist was a normal human being who just happened to have a clever head on her shoulders, who refused to give up even when the odds were stacked against her. Flawed yet steady, scared yet unbowed.

It is a page turner of a read where nothing is guaranteed and the author works in the little twists and turns with pitch perfect, well, Judgement…

Overall a fantastic read that I devoured in one sitting.


You can purchase Judgement (Head of Zeus) here.

Happy Reading!

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