Latest Reads: Kiss Her Goodbye Susan Gee.

Kirsten Green is my best friend.
Kirsten Green has gone missing.

I killed Kirsten Green.

Seventeen-year-old Hayley Reynolds is unwanted at home, and an outsider at school. Pushed away by her best friend Kirsten Green, she makes a deliberate, chilling decision – if Kirsten can’t belong to her, then she won’t belong to anyone…

DI Beverley Samuels has the body of a schoolgirl on her hands – a murder that brings back the hauntingly painful memories of the case she’s tried so desperately to forget. There’s something deeply disturbing about this crime – and yet with little hard evidence it’s up to her to decide who she will believe…

Kiss Her Goodbye is a page turner of a psychological thriller where the question is not who did what but whether or not they will get away with it.

We have two main protagonists both of whom are highly intriguing  – engaged in a battle of wills only the reader can see and that only one of them fully understands.

Susan Gee does a great job of manipulating the plot – In a lot of ways I wanted both of them to win, even though when you really dig deep and think about what Hayley is doing it’s horrifically compelling.

There’s a wonderful emotive edge to proceedings and I’m still not sure how I felt about the ultimate resolution- but what I loved about this book was the total avoidance of cliche. Here we have two strongly independent female characters, it’s all about them. The supporting cast are well written and have depth but they are all drawn, in one way or another, into the vortex of these two. Hayley, murderous and damaged and Beverley, whose investigation is driven from within.

Kiss Her Goodbye is a story of perception, truth and consequences. I thought it was excellent.


You can purchase Kiss Her Goodbye (Aria) Here.

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