Latest Reads: Look What You Made Me Do Nikki Smith.

Two people can keep a secret . . . if one of them is dead.

Sisters Jo and Caroline are used to hiding things from each other. They’ve never been close – taking it in turns to feel on the outside of their family unit, playing an endless game of favourites.

Jo envies Caroline’s life – things have always come so easy to her. Then a family inheritance falls entirely to Jo, and suddenly now Caroline wants what Jo has. Needs it, even.

But just how far will she go to get it?

Look What You Made Me Do is a tense and beautifully written story of two sisters, living very different lives, trapped in different ways within a cycle of secrets.

This is a superb family drama with a relevant and significant central theme, Nikki Smith writes with a haunting, emotionally charged style that really immerses the reader into the narrative. It speaks to the truth that what is seen on the surface rarely reflects the inner truth and is cleverly layered throughout.

Overall a really terrific read that I’m reluctant to cast as a psychological thriller although it has all the elements of such – this is character study at its best and is entirely addictive.

Loved it. Recommended.

You can purchase Look What You Made Me Do (Orion) Here.

Happy reading!

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