Latest Reads: Mirrorland Carole Johnstone. Ones to watch in 2021.

No. 36 Westeryk Road, an imposing flat-stone house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. A house of curving shadows and crumbling grandeur. But it’s what lies under the house that is extraordinary – Mirrorland. A vivid make-believe world that twin sisters Cat and El created as children. A place of escape, but from what?

Now in her thirties, Cat receives the shocking news that her sister has disappeared. Forced to return to Edinburgh, Cat finds herself irresistibly drawn back into Mirrorland. Because El has a plan. She’s left behind a treasure hunt that will unearth long-buried secrets…

Mirrorland was an excellent psychological drama, imaginative and cleverly twisted it is an absolute page turner of a story.

Mirror twins, an imaginative world of escape, sets the scene for when one of those twins goes missing…is she dead? Is she hiding? What exactly happened all those years ago. Perhaps Mirrorland holds the answers…

Tense, twisted and with some highly engaging characters, Mirrorland takes you on a brilliantly atmospheric journey towards the truth with a beautifully written narrative that holds you enthralled from first page to last.

Highly recommended

You can purchase Mirrorland (Harper Collins) Here.

Happy reading!

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