Latest Reads: One Year Later Sanjida Kay.

Since Amy’s daughter died in a terrible accident, her family has been beset by grief. So as the first anniversary of her death approaches, they decide to take a holiday to mend their wounds. An idyllic island in Italy seems the perfect place for them all to heal and grow.

But no sooner have they arrived than they discover nothing is quite as it seems – danger is lurking everywhere. As the anniversary of the little girl’s death looms and things start to go wrong, shocking new details emerge that threaten to tear the family apart forever.

One Year Later was terrific, a thriller with strong family drama elements, an emotionally charged inciting event and a highly intriguing cast of characters.

As usual with this author it was a right old page turner, beautifully written with many layers. As we go between past and present many themes are explored – love, loss, the vagaries of memory and the differing ways people view their familial ties.

Secrets are gradually revealed, grief in all its forms is palpable throughout and Sanjida Kay makes her characters live and breathe on the page. Unpredictable with an edgy, melancholy feel to it One Year Later was an excellent read first page to last.


You can purchase One Year Later (Corvus) Here.

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