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A tragic accident or a ruthless killer?
When a flash mob on Brick Lane is interrupted by a sudden explosion, DI Maya Rahman is called to the scene. A fire is raging through one of the city’s most infamous streets – and it’s soon clear that it was a deliberate act of violence.
The discovery of two charred bodies in the burnt-out shell of a building transforms an arson attack into a murder case. And, with witnesses too caught up in the crowd to have seen a thing, Maya is facing an investigation without a single lead.
When reports of a second, and even more horrifying crime, land on Maya’s desk she knows she must find the answers before all of East London goes up in flames.
The truth will emerge … OUT OF THE ASHES.
I was lucky enough to get a really early read of “Out of the Ashes” – the follow up novel to last year’s excellent debut “Turn A Blind Eye” and featuring once again intriguing detective Maya Rahman.
Out of the Ashes is superb, with it’s returning considered and realistic characters, bringing us more about Maya and her background and throwing her into an emotional case that hits close to home.
Vicky Newham doesn’t write traditional page turners and yet absolutely does because once you start you are immediately involved with the drama playing out on the page and it’s really hard to put aside.
Diverse London is brought to vibrant life, there’s a quirky noir feel to the storytelling and huge depth to the characters you meet. Add to that an authentic and unpredictable mystery element and you have a real winner. I loved it – I love Maya and Maguire and am genuinely hoping they have a long and successful book life because there is a lot more to discover.
Clever, beautifully passionate and hugely thought provoking, with that addictive edge and some terrific writing, Out of the Ashes is a brilliant read and comes highly recommended from me. As does Turn A Blind Eye.
Happy Reading!
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