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Manon has settled back into life in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly. She’s perfectly happy working on cold cases until a man is stabbed to death just yards from the police station, and both the victim and the prime suspect turn out to be much closer to home than she would like. How well does Manon know her loved ones, and are they capable of murder?

I was a huge fan of “Missing Presumed” it was just the kind of literary atmospheric crime that really appeals to me – and with Person’s Unknown Susie Steiner has written a stormer of a follow up, featuring once again main protagonist Manon who I love because she’s so beautifully realistically flawed.

In this story things hit way too close to home for Manon, pregnant and living with her sister and son – when Fly ends up accused of a horrible crime, Manon finds herself at odds with those very people she should be able to rely on.

Person’s Unknown is beautifully written and really digs deep into character, perception and relationships – with a twisty mystery to please the most ardent of crime fan thrown in to boot. I felt for Manon every step of the way as she tries to protect her family and maintain her professionalism, all whilst trying to hold on to a healthy pregnancy. The sense of place and of Fly’s sense of displacement really get under your skin as you read and it’s kind of edgy, there is no promise of a happy ending.

All in all it’s just built on the debut and made me sure that I’ll be sticking with this author through the next hopefully many many books.

Highly Recommended.


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