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When Lilly was first Chief Engineer at The Commonwealth, nearly fifty years ago, the Central Archive wasn’t yet the greatest repository of knowledge in the known world, protected by scribes copying every piece of found material – books, maps, even scraps of paper – and disseminating them by Archive Runners to hidden off-site locations for safe keeping. Back then, there was no Order of Silence to create and maintain secret routes deep into the sand-covered towers of the Old World or into the northern forests beyond Sea Glass Lake. Back then, the world was still quiet, because Lilly hadn’t yet found the Harrington Box.

But times change. Recently, the Keepers have started gathering to the east of Yellow Ridge – thousands upon thousands of them – and every one of them determined to burn the Central Archives to the ground, no matter the cost, possessed by an irrational fear that bringing back the ancient knowledge will destroy the world all over again. To prevent that, they will do anything.

Fourteen days ago the Keepers chased sixteen-year-old Archive Runner Elimisha into a forbidden Old World Tower and brought the entire thing down on her. Instead of being killed, though, she slipped into an ancient unmapped bomb shelter where she has discovered a cache of food and fresh water, a two-way radio like the one Lilly’s been working on for years . . . and something else. Something that calls itself ‘the internet’ . . .

What would life be like without the internet? Well..

In Derek B Miller’s Radio Life, a cataclysmic event has left the world with very little technology. Through character drama and a fair bit of action, the society’s within the novel explore a fair few moral issues..

This is a beautifully imaginative post apocalyptic world peppered with highly intriguing and remarkable characters. Different groups with different beliefs clash, meanwhile below the surface one lost girl may hold the key to a new reality..

Derek B Miller writes with such an involving prose that you sink into this world like you’ve lived there all your life. The various factions offer a lot of thought provoking ideas but also this is wildly entertaining with lots of relationship drama and a good dose of edge of the seat action.

Overall a most excellent read. Recommended.

You can purchase Radio Life (Jo Fletcher) Here.

Happy reading!

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