Latest Reads: The Better Liar Tanen Jones.

Estranged for a decade, sisters Leslie and Robin must reunite if they are to claim the fortune their father left them. Leslie desperately needs that money, but when she arrives at her sister’s apartment, she finds her body instead. Leslie needs another plan. Without Robin, she won’t see a penny.

Mary, an aspiring actress, spends her nights slinging beers at a seedy restaurant. She’d do anything to start her life over. When Leslie offers her a huge sum of money and the chance to be someone else – to be Robin – she takes it.

But Robin’s life isn’t as straightforward as Mary thought it would be. And Leslie seems to have secrets and a past of her own . . .

Told from three perspectives: Leslie, Mary, Robin.
The question is: who is the better liar?

The Better Liar was a really great psychological thriller featuring two sisters, a will, lots of secrets and an attempt to pull off an end run around an annoyingly badly timed death…

This has a pitch perfect title because you absolutely know that everyone in this 3 way narrative is lying – Leslie, the alive sister, Robin the ghost, Mary the impersonator, all of them are hiding things and it’s a right old page turner of a read which may defy any attempt to predict it’s outcome. 

Really great writing and an unexpected tale of sisterhood in all its forms, The Better Liar is a twisty delight and I’m more than happy to recommend it.

You can purchase The Better Liar (vintage) Here.

Happy Reading!

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