Latest Reads: The Blame Game C J Cooke.

He said he’d do anything to protect her.

She said she’d do anything to protect her family.

And they both said they would forget what happened twenty-two years ago.

But now it seems that there is someone who will stop at nothing to make them remember…

Who is playing the blame game?

The Blame Game was an atmospheric family drama with a psychological thriller twist, a story about the aftermath of a tragedy that affects the whole lives of those involved.

We follow one family, on holiday, where things start to become a little strange. It becomes obvious that this is a family hiding from a past that is about to come back to haunt them…

Often an emotional read, C J Cooke explores themes of survivor guilt and responsibility, family ties and inner personalities, at the same time offering an intriguing mystery element that keeps you turning the pages.

I immersed myself in this one, following avidly as it headed towards an emotionally resonant finale, The Blame Game is character driven and fascinating, as such it was an utterly compelling read.


You can purchase The Blame Game (Harper Collins) Here.

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