Latest Reads: The Cinderella Plan Abi Silver.

When James Salisbury, the owner of a British car manufacturer, ploughs his `self-drive’ car into a young family, the consequences are deadly. Will the car’s `black box’ reveal what really happened or will the industry, poised to launch these products to an eager public, close ranks to cover things up? James himself faces a personal dilemma. If it is proved that he was driving the car he may go to prison. But if he is found innocent, and the autonomous car is to blame, the business he has spent most of his life building, and his dream of safer transport for all, may collapse. Lawyers Judith Burton and Constance Lamb team up once again, this time to defend a man who may not want to go free, in a case that asks difficult questions about the speed at which technology is taking over our lives.

I love Abi Silver’s legal thrillers – very modern central themes with a wonderful old school feel – the two main protagonists Burton and Lamb are engagingly authentic and these books are always intelligently plotted and beautifully written.

This particular case for our intrepid pair involves self drive cars, a subject that has intrigued me for a while, not sure I’d get into them seeing as this is the second book I’ve read where things have not gone that well…

The author deals with the technology side very immersively, some fascinating and thought provoking detail embedded into a clever and involving mystery. The court scenes as ever are brilliant and you are never quite sure where these stories are going to end up.

The Cinderella Plan has a dark emotional level that plays into the rest and overall it was a brilliant page turner of a read which to be honest I’ve come to expect from this author.

Three books into this series and I am most definitely along for the ride. I’ll drive myself though I think…


You can purchase The Cinderella Plan (Lightning) Here.

Happy Reading!

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