Latest Reads: The Eternity War: Exodus Jamie Sawyer.

Lieutenant Keira Jenkins and her Jackals may have survived confrontations with the Black Spiral terrorist network and a betrayal by one of their own. Yet their troubles are only just beginning.

With their starship badly damaged, they find themselves adrift in hostile territory. Somehow they must find a way to warn the Alliance before the Black Spiral unleashes a new war across the galaxy

But first they must face the Alliance’s oldest enemy: the Asiatic Directorate. And the Directorate has a score to settle with Jenkins . . .

More excitement than you can shake a stick at here, as Jenkins Jackals face the consequences cliff hanging from the end of “Pariah” and prepare to do battle once more…

From the moment you start reading, you’ll be pulled along at break neck speed, very little down time for our gang as they rock and roll from one breathtakingly dangerous mission to another, all in the name of preventing a war that comes at them from all sides. An old friend makes an appearance, we get more background on this once motley crew, betrayal is lurking around every corner and it is all absolutely blinking brilliant, a rollercoaster ride of a space adventure.

I loved it. The characters are intriguingly engaging, the action is all consuming and it’s dark as you like, added to which you get intelligent plotting and enough twists to put your head in a spin.

Also Pariah. Love that fish.

Highly Recommended.


You can purchase The Eternity War: Exodus (Orbit) here.

Happy Reading!


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