Latest Reads: The Girl in the Fog Donato Carrisi

Publication Date: 2nd Nov 2017 from Abacus

Source: Review Copy

Sixty-two days after the disappearance . . .

A man is arrested after a road accident in the small town of Avechot. His shirt is covered in blood. Could this have anything to do with a missing girl called Anna Lou? Detective Vogel is on the case, but his unconventional means of investigation end up unsettling the locals.

Also looming over Vogel is a case from his past that nearly destroyed his career. Determined not to lose again, he will do anything to solve the mystery surrounding Anna Lou’s disappearance. Then, a media storm hits the quiet town and Vogel is sure that the suspect will be flushed out. Yet the clues are confusing, perhaps false, and following them may be a far cry from discovering the truth at the heart of a dark town. 

The Girl in the Fog was a twisted tale indeed, with a main protagonist who divided my opinion throughout the read and the resolution of which kept me guessing for the majority of the narrative.

It is very atmospheric, the small town setting is well described and claustrophobic, a girl who disappears, an investigator working to his own agenda and a supporting cast of characters all of whom are, well, slightly weird.

I loved the way the book was plotted, going around the date of the disappearance, sometimes a little after, sometimes much later then finally just before when the truth was revealed – but there is more than one thing here to discover and all in all it was a bit of a page turner. A lot of the read was actually very disturbing, the writing cleverly immersive and very consuming – top notch character building and setting made this a very good read indeed.


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